About Me.

I am back in Melbourne after living in London for the last 4 years and I’m ready to start a career in UX.

After working in fashion for almost a decade, I realised I loved the design process more than I loved fashion. It is the research, development, market analysis and developing an understanding of the customer that drives me. As destiny would have it my boyfriend (now fiancé) met someone at the pub who told him about UX and from there a star was born. My design ethos has always been centred on knowing the customer better than they know themselves. Knowing the customer enables me to design products that are both functional and beautiful. I love simplistic design with a purpose. When I’m not working I enjoy watching Frasier, yelling at my sewing machine and dreaming about getting a Border Terrier.

Professional Diploma in UX Design

UX Institute Glasgow Caledonian University - 2020

Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Fashion and Textiles

University of Technology Sydney - 2013

Technical Skills.